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Axcel's Home Page - Page 3

This page has been accessed Counter times since 29 January 1999.


Welcome to Page 3 of my Home Page and thank you for visiting me.
My name is Axcel Joram Edward Maverick-Phillips, and I was born at
4.18 PM on Tuesday 11 June 1996.
I weighed 7 pound 10 ounces and was 22 inches long.

Just click on the small photos to see bigger ones in the picture frame on the left.

Pop finally got the digital camera he wanted, so now he can take
lots more photos of me. I'm about two and a half years old now.

Axcel and Bubbles This is me with Nan's Australian Silky Terrier. This was
one of the first photos Pop took with his digital camera.
Axcel This is me wearing Nan's Christmas hat.
Pop celebrated his 50th birthday with family and Fogies friends at Cafe Mueller in Midland only a few days after getting his camera.
There must be ghosts there cos I heard Pop tell Aunty Annemarie it was one of the Fogies favourite haunts, but " I Ain't Scared O' No Ghosts " :-)
Axcel and his Nan This is me with Pop's Teddy Bear and my Nan at the party.
This is me with Pop at his birthday party. I helped him blow out his candles.
Axcel and PopAxcel and his Pop Axcel and his Pop Axcel and his Pop
The next weekend Mummy and Daddy went to Dunsborough for a romantic weekend away, whatever that means, so I got to spend more time with Nan
and Pop. This is me in the bath at Nan and Pop's house.
Axcel in the bathAxcel in the bath Axcel in the bathAxcel in the bath

This is the bed I slept in at Nan and Pop's. Nan and I were playing peekaboo with Pop.
Axcel and his NanAxcel and his Nan Axcel and his Nan Axcel and his Nan

My Grandad and Nanna gave me a neat train set for a holiday present.
This is me playing with it at Nan and Pop's house.
Axcel and his train setAxcel and his train set Axcel and his train set

On Christmas Day Nan and Pop and Uncle Shane and Aunty Belinda came over to my house to open presents. I had a lot of presents.
Axcel opening presentsLooks like a cricket set :-) I wonder what this one isStill a lot more presents to open  :-)

I got lots of nice presents, including a horn, a fishing set, alphabet letters, and a big swing set. Pop helped me and Dad put the swing set together.
I'm blowing my horn for MummyPop is showing me how to use my fishing setPutting my swing set together

When we finished putting my swing set together we went over to Nan and
Pop's house. There were even more presents for me there, including a bike, a
hobby horse and a water pistol.
My first two-wheeler bikeAxcel and his hobby horseI had fun spraying everything with my water pistol

Axcel on the computer This is me playing the Teletubbies game on Pop's computer.
Whenever we go to Nan and Pop's house I like to go in the spa. I have lots of fun, but when Mummy and Nan are in the spa with me I'm not allowed to make big splashes. Pop doesn't mind me splashing him, but he can't take photos of me splashing him :-(
Axcel in the spaAxcel in the spa Axcel in the spaAxcel in the spaAxcel in the spa
Axcel in the spa Axcel in the spaAxcel in the spaAxcel in the spa Axcel in the spa

Sometimes I help Pop make bread.
Axcel helping Pop make breadAxcel helping Pop make breadWe made this bread and these rolls

Pretty soon I'm going to have a new baby brother or sister. Mummy is just about ready to go to the birthing centre to collect it.
Axcel and his MummyAxcel and his MummyMummy is really showing now

Axcel and Mikayla My baby sister Mikayla was born at 1:02 PM on Wednesday 3 February 1999. It took Pop 8 hours to get her Homepage up and running. This is me with Mikayla when she was nearly an hour old.

That's all there is for now, but Pop will probably take more next time I see him.

I started walking at ten and a half months, but you can't really see that in a
photo so they took videos of me. Pop has to use the frame grabber to put
some images of me on another page - when he gets a round tuit :-)

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