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Axcel's Home Page

This page has been accessed Counter times since 15 December 1996.


Welcome to my Home Page and thank you for visiting me. My name is Axcel Joram Edward Maverick-Phillips, and I was born at 4.18 PM on Tuesday 11 June 1996. I weighed 7 pound 10 ounces and was 22 inches long.

If you've been here before, you might like to visit My New Page 2. There are lots of new photos of me there.

Just click on the small photos to see bigger ones in the picture frame on the left.
Axcel and Gavin This is me with my Dad, (Mum calls him Gavin) when I was just over 2 hours old. They didn't even wait for me to have my bath :-( Grownups!!!
Dad was Mum's coach during labour, but I think me and Mum did most of the work, because he looks a lot fresher than us. The midwife let him help give me my first bath a while later.

Axcel and Enola This is me with my Nan, (Pop calls her Enola) when I was about 3 hours old. I felt a lot better after my bath, and was looking forward to getting in some serious dinner time.
I think I'm going to like Nan, she smiles a lot and seems to know what she's doing when she holds me. Mum tells me Nan is her Mum.

Axcel and Vanessa At last, here I am with My Mum (Dad, Nan and Pop all call her Vanessa) when I was about 3 hours old. Now if I can just get the rest of them to leave maybe I can have my dinner.
Mostly since then I've been doing a lot of eating and sleeping, but I've had lots of visitors - I seem to be able to get them to smile just by pulling a funny face, so I'll have to work on that.

Axcel and Vanessa Here I am, resting up so I'm ready to take Mum home. I'm already 3 days old.
I was allowed to bring my Mum home on Friday evening - they made me sit in the back so I couldn't reach the pedals, but I enjoyed the drive.

I'm looking forward to exploring my new universe, but I sure miss all those cute nurses. Most of Mum and Dad's friends seem to be married, how am I expected to find a girl of my own? ;-)

On Saturday Nan and Pop came to visit - Pop got to nurse me for over an hour while Mum and Nan sorted out all my clothes - there seemed to be a lot of pink things put away somewhere, and mostly blue and green things ended up in my draws.

I wanted to have a long talk to Pop but I'd just had a big feed so I slept most of the time, but I gave him some nice smiles and he seemed really happy.

Axcel, Vanessa and Gavin On Sunday I took Mum and Dad over to visit Nan and Pop, my first real trip out. This is us in front of their house.

Axcel This is me ready to take them home again. I'm not very happy because I can only see where we've been, not where we're going.

I've had lots more visitors since then, they all seem really nice, and I've been out visiting too. Nan and Pop came over again on Thursday, and they finally remembered to get a photo of me with Pop.

Axcel and Keith This is me discussing future developments for my Home Page with my Pop. I'm already 9 days old, and have put on 3 ounces, whatever they are.
My page is being looked after by my Pop (everybody seems to call him Keith) until I'm big enough to look after it myself. He gave me front page prominence until I was 16 days old (I think he was really pleased with my arrival), but then I was relegated to the back pages with the rest of the family.

Pop is looking forward to teaching me fishing and surfing when I'm a bit older. Mum says he's a pretty good fisherman, but he doesn't even own a surfboard so I don't know how he's going to teach me that, and my cousins are surfers and they've never heard of places like Flitter, which is where he wants to take me. After nine months in water I think I can wait a while to get back to it. He tells me he's found a really great list of pages for kids for us to visit too.

Axcel Now that I'm one month old I better study up on this HTML stuff.
Axcel and Gavin This is me with my Dad at 4 months - I was thinking of jumping off but he wouldn't let go.
Axcel and this is me telling Pop what a clever boy I am.
Axcel Hey look at me!. I got loose from my Dad.
Axcel and Aunty Nin This is me with my Great-Great-Aunty Nin. Pop says she really is a great aunt too.
Pop has now worked out how to have two guest books to sign on his home page, so now you can Sign My Guest Book instead of having to Sign Pop's Guest Book and he having to copy them to my own Guest Book for viewing.

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