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About Keith

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I am 48 years old, married since 1969 to a wonderful wife Enola. We have a daughter Vanessa, 25 years old, who has just become the proud mother of our first grandson Axcel, a son Shane 23 years old, and two dogs - a kelpie/basenji cross named Chrissie, and an Australian silky terrier named Bubbles.

Our dogs Chrissie and Bubbles
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I love Australia, and particularly Western Australia, and have travelled widely in three states (Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales), sparingly in three states (Northern Territory, Victoria and South Australia), and am yet to reach the Apple Isle(Van Diemens Land Tasmania). I believe I will have seen 90% of what I want to see in Australia by the time I am 90, but I've already seen more than many home-grown Australians.

I migrated to Australia from Cheltenham, England in 1958, the youngest of a family of six, as a "ten quid migrant" - actually as there were six of us in the family I was only a $3.33 migrant in present day terms. We settled in suburban Perth and most of the family has remained living in suburban Perth ever since, the exceptions being my oldest brother Michael and myself

In 1964 Michael "joined the Army and saw the world", serving in Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam (2 tours), New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe over a period of 20 years.

In 1968 I followed Michael into the Army to avoid National Service (yeah, dumb wasn't I?). Like Michael it took me 20 years to realise the error of my ways, and during that time I served in New South Wales (3 times), Vietnam, Queensland and Western Australia (twice), with a 3 month side-trip to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Phillipines courtesy of the Royal Australian Navy.

I enjoy outdoor activities, particularly fishing, canoeing, sailing and bush-walking, am almost addicted to the Internet, particularly Powwow (call me), and in Australian Rules Football I support the West Coast Eagles in the AFL (national) competition and East Perth in the WAFL (state) competition. I also follow the Western Reds in the ARL (national) rugby league competition, and the Perth Wildcats in the NBL (national) basketball competition. My wife follows the same teams except for being a fierce supporter of the Canterbury Bulldogs in the ARL.

That's about all there is about me right now, all the really good stuff is in my other pages, especially My Travels Around Western Australia and My Grandson Axcel's Home Page.